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Demonstrating to students things to do on Zebra Crossing


Demonstrating to students things to do on Zebra Crossing

This Highway Code is primarily designed to help all road users be safe on the roads. It includes the rules and regulations on how we should use the roads as well as providing advice on making our journeys less stressful. Also, if all road users follow the rules and advice provided, it will help to reduce congestion and improve our environment. We are all road users - whether we are walking, riding in a jitney or driving a car – and need to be aware of, and follow, the rules that are there to help the whole community.

All adults, especially the parents of young children, should know about the contents of the ‘code’ even before they are aiming to become a driver, but learner drivers will need to study the contents in order to pass their driving test, obtain a licence; and then become a safe and considerate driver. The code includes all the information you will need to know about traffic rules and regulations, traffic signs, signals and road markings. It also provided guidance on maintaining your vehicle, what to do in the event of braking down or being involved in an accident and some useful advice on first aid. It also provides detailed guidance on how to go about passing your driving test - both the written knowledge part and the on-road practical test. I would like express my gratitude for the guidance and assistance provided by the InterAmerican Development Bank and the many other agencies that contributed to the production and printing of this valuable document. It is my sincere hope that you will always remember the information in the ‘code’ whenever you use our roads and I would like to take this opportunity to wish every learner driver success in their studies and a long lifetime of safe driving. I look forward to seeing your displays of safe driving on our streets. The roads are for us all, don’t be one of the minority who spoil it for the majority.




The Directorate of Road Traffic and Safety Services (DRTSS) is a regulatory arm under the Ministry of Transport and Public Works. DRTSS is responsible for the regulation of the road transport industry through traffic law enforcement, development of polices, standards and practices; and provide civic education on road safety to all road users in order to ensure well-coordinated, efficient, reliable, sustainable and safe national road transport system.

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